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NingXia Red is an absolutely great tasting super juice.  In my opinion, it tastes a lot better than other juices on the market.  But freezing NingXia Red adds a whole new twist on the taste – it makes it taste like an frozen treat or a popsicle (but the most antioxidant packed popsicle in the world!).

So how do you do it?

Well, simply order NingXia Red in the 1 oz sample pack sizes.  Then pop them in the freezer and let them freeze.  After they are frozen pull one out and cut the top off with scissors and slurp it down.  Delicious…

Note: Drinking NingXia red will help satisfy your appetite and will not spike your blood sugar so having a few frozen NingXia Red packets throughout the day can help you lose weight!

1 oz ningia red sample packet, frozen ningxia red, delicious superjuice,

NingXia Red – 30 Pack

Whsl: $39.75   Retail: $52.30

NingXia Red – 100 Pack

Whsl: $115.00   Retail: $151.32

Order online at   or   by phone 1-800-375-3515

Dallas Harting – YL Member # 259664

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