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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Young Living

Young Living is the number one Essential Oil company in the world.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Young Living.

Source: YLEO website



Q. What is Young Living’s therapeutic-grade standard, and how does it compare to standards such as AFNOR and ISO?

A. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are largely not recognized by established quality organizations like AFNOR and ISO because these companies concentrate on perfume oils—oils not intended for increased health and wellness. “Therapeutic grade” is a term that Gary Young standardized in the mid 1990s to separate the quality of pure essential oils from perfume-grade oils. Unfortunately, as essential oils have become more popular, many companies include the term therapeutic grade regardless of their quality standards or processes. The common use of this term has created confusion in the market

Because there is no qualified third-party organization to set the standard for essential oils, Young Living has begun a new conversation to qualify pure, authentic essential oils. Young Living’s standard, called “Seed to Seal™,” ensures that we keep our promise of quality, whether we’re sourcing oils in the jungles of Ecuador and the deserts of Oman, or rigorously testing them in our Utah research laboratories. Seed to Seal is our way of authenticating essential oil quality at each key stage of the production process: verifying plant species, taking great care to grow and cultivate plants, distilling the pure plant essence, testing to verify optimal level of constituents, and expertly bottling the final product. These steps are your guarantee that every Young Living essential oil you use and share is as authentic, pure, and potent as nature intended.

Seed to Seal can be summarized in five steps:

  • Seed. Essential oils that work come from plants whose species have been authenticated by Young Living experts. Species certification involves scientific research, field study, university partnerships, and on-site planting certification.
  • Cultivate. Young Living has four farm locations where we learn the best growing and harvesting methods. With this knowledge, Young Living travels the globe visiting co-op farms to certify their growing processes.
  • Distill. Combining ancient and modern techniques, Young Living is recognized as an essential oil distillation innovator.
  • Test. Each essential oil must pass Young Living’s stringent battery of tests to ensure the optimal bioactive natural compounds are present. Young Living uses its own internal labs plus third-party laboratories to verify every essential oil meets or exceeds our carefully researched specifications.
  • Seal. Young Living completes the Seed to Seal process by carefully handling large volumes of essential oils in controlled conditions to be individually bottled and shipped to members worldwide.

Q. Why doesn’t Young Living disclose its test results on each batch of oil?

A. Because of the shortcomings in some of the standards organizations, we have created our own standards and specifications. This standard is much like a finger print, and each of our oils has one. As we test a new batch of oil, we compare its results to the Young Living standards library. If the oil matches the specification, we bottle the oil; otherwise it is rejected (we often wonder where the rejected oils end up). In the early years, we shared our standards with others. We discovered that some companies would adulterate their oils to try to appear to match Young Living standards and sell counterfeit oils. We now consider our standards to be part of our trade secrets. However, at convention, special events, and our labs in Spanish Fork, Utah, you can see some of the standards as well as the testing procedures that each batch of oil must pass. In fact, if you are ever in the Spanish Fork area, please contact us. We’d love to walk you through our onsite testing labs as we are proud of the work we do.

Q. Does Young Living use outside, independent labs?

A. Yes, frequently Young Living uses specialized independent labs to confirm in-house analysis. We also send oils out for special advanced tests such as carbon isotope analysis, using only essential-oil experienced, carefully selected labs that we have scrutinized. Most of our day-to-day essential oil chemical assays are conducted at the Young Living chemistry lab in Spanish Fork, Utah, which houses a collection of the most advanced analytical instruments available and the library of Young Living’s oil standards.

Q. Why is Gary Young in Ecuador?

A. Gary Young is an explorer and farmer (among other things) and isn’t content sitting behind a desk. Gary is in Ecuador to personally spearhead the creation of Finca Botanica Aromatica, Young Living’s newest and grandest farm. As with each farm, the intent is to discover and cultivate essential oils and further research their use and application. Since being in Ecuador, Gary has identified numbers of new essential oils. In fact, ocotea, Dorado Azul, Eucalyptus Blue, Palo Santo and RutaVaLa are a direct result of Gary’s work in Ecuador. However, Gary, Mary, and the boys still spend quite a bit of time in the United States.

Q. Is it possible to have a successful business with an established company like Young Living? I have heard that becoming a distributor for a network marketing company within its first year greatly increases your chances of financial success. Is that true?

A. This line of thinking, whether related to a network or traditional marking company, is based on the theory of risk and reward, which basically states: “The greater the risk, the greater the reward.” Starting a new business is inherently more risky than joining an established company with a proven track record. In other words, if a startup business is successful and you have the right type of ownership, then you may become financially successful. One the other hand, because the risk is high, you could lose your initial investment all together.

Young Living has been in business for almost 20 years. We have made it over the startup hurdles; we have an established and growing product line; and we continually improve our process, systems, products, and compensation plan to enhance our members’ experience.

Our members tell us that they measure their individual success in many ways, but the most important are health and wealth. Our members testify that Young Living’s products truly improve their lives and the lives of their friends and families—something that’s hard to measure in terms of dollars. Other members, both new and existing, share their stories of financial success. With Young Living, you get the benefit of proven products as well as a proven compensation plan.

Q. Is Young Living concerned about competition?

A. Can you think of any situation where competition doesn’t exist? We believe competition makes us stronger. With competition we strive harder and enjoy the victories even more. Something you might not know is that Gary Young has been growing, testing, distilling, researching, and using essential oils for more than 25 years. Gary has brought together under one brand more singles and blends of oils than any other company in the world. This is his life’s work. He has pioneered many of the techniques and written the book on essential oil use. He may very well be the world’s foremost expert on essential oils. He is dedicated to this work and with the company’s growth, he has hired and trained hundreds of people to assist in this endeavor—to deliver from Seed to Seal the highest quality naturally occurring essential oils to Young Living members.

Q. I have seen other essential oils on the market claiming to be pure and of high quality. What makes Young Living oils different? What clues should I look for when evaluating other oils?

A. We recommend that you do a little homework. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • How many years has the company been working with essentials oils?
  • Does the company own and operate its own essential oil research farms? If so, how many farms?
  • Is the company proficient in distilling oils?
  • Does the company offer a broad enough offering to take care of your health needs?
  • Does the company test essential oils to ensure that there are no adulterations? Do they use in-house labs to test each batch? Do they use independent labs to validate their own findings?
  • What does the company do in its processes and procedures to guarantee accurate plant identity and oil purity?
  • Does the company routinely visit its suppliers to ensure the best manufacturing practices are followed?
  • What peer-reviewed research has the company published? Have they tested their oils in clinical settings?
  • If the company claims its products are “certified,” specifically which essential oil experts have certified it?
  • How has the company established its oil standards? How do they know they are selling oils containing the right amounts of constituents to be effective?
  • Are the company’s oil standards based on their own library of thousands of researched articles, thousands of essential oil gas chromatograph tests, and data from hundreds of thousands of user experiences?
  • Does the company have in-house expertise and commitment to quality assurance?

Q. Some competing essential oils smell so different from Young Living’s. Why?

A. We really can’t speak to what other companies do or don’t do to their oils. However, as we scan the landscape, we are confident that Young Living is the only essential oil company with the complete Seed to Seal process, where we watch and monitor every step from soil cultivation, planting, harvesting, distilling, bottling, and packaging. The smell of Young Living oils is the smell of pure, authentic essential oils. This is our promise and we will not deliver anything less.

Q. Does Young Living adulterate, dilute, or cut its oils in any way?

A. No, and the tests and potency prove it. Our team of watchmen tracks our oils from Seed to Seal to ensure their authenticity and we verify every batch using both in-house and third-party independent testing facilities. From what we see in the industry, we test our oils more frequently and use a broader range of tests than any other oil company. In addition, our members attest to the potency of our products.

Q. Why do some Young Living oil blends contain carrier oils?

A. Eleven of Young Living’s oil blends include a specially selected carrier oil to optimize the delivery and effect of the essential oils. These carrier oils slow the skin evaporation of the active oils and provide an easier pre-diluted application.

Q. Does Young Living acquire frankincense from India?

A. No. Young Living only procures frankincense (Boswellia carteri) from a special region near the Arabian Peninsula where it has been collected for centuries. Frankincense from India is not regarded as true Biblical frankincense and is harvested from an entirely different species known as Boswellia serrata or “Indian frankincense.” Comparing Biblical frankincense (B. carteri) with Indian frankincense (B. serrata) is the same as comparing a diamond to cubic zirconium. (This information will be updated and expanded upon in the next few months based on additional research underway.)

Q. Has Young Living quality changed over the last six or twelve months?

A. Yes, it has improved. As the world leader in essential oils, we expect our quality and quality systems to constantly improve. Young Living has developed and refined its quality standards over the years, and is continually updating these practices to reflect the latest research. In our quest for constant improvement, we will always incorporate quality improvements into our oil distillation and standards as well as introduce new therapeutic grade essential oils such as copal and Eucalyptus Blue. The same quest for excellence occurs with our supplements. Excellence demands constant vigilance. As the watchmen of authentic essential oils, we will always be on the cutting edge.

Q. I would like to come back to Young Living. I left recently to go with a different company but have found results with their products to be less than advertised. Am I still welcome?

A. We welcome you back with open arms. We find the few who have left returning with more appreciation, loyalty, and enthusiasm for Young Living than ever. We sympathize with those who test the waters with another company and are disappointed with what they find. We are confident that you will find your sponsor ready and willing to give you the support and guidance you need and you’ll find our products are better than ever.

Q. What kind of growth is Young Living experiencing? Where are they headed?

A. Since Gary appointed Doug Nelson as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Doug has emphasized a renewed focus on Young Living’s mission with essential oils, strategic planning, internal and external partnerships, team building, and focus. Record-breaking months, a world-class convention, and terrific momentum have been the result. As the world leader in essential oils, we honor our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy, essential oils, and hope to inspire individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance. Our vision is to take essential oils into every home in the world! With years of experience on our resume, Young Living is poised for unprecedented growth and expansion.